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Thursday, January 11, 2007

iAin't Impressed

iAin't Impressed

If this new, much-hyped, highly-anticipated 'iPhone' doesn't show up in June buggy and defective as all heck, I will eat my hat. And maybe even shorts.

The same company that debuted a basic laptop that inexplicably mooed like a cow and couldn't even maintain the paint job is going to have big, big problems with a touch screen in the pants pocket next to Bic pens, quarters and a pack of Tic-Tacs.

They want $500 or more, a commitment to what might be the worst cell carrier in the nation and for us to believe that this flashy piece made by what many believe to be some of the lowest paid workers in the world is gonna come off the line perfect and magical, as advertised.

I doubt it will happen.

And I think it's really not a giant leap from Cupertino to Redmond and from Paris Hilton to either of the two $teve$ in the ivory tower$.