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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Funny, I Don't Look It...Do I?

Okay, it was no great joy to turn 48 a few weeks ago. I really don't think I look it, whatever 48 looks like. I think I'm pretty young-minded, which is somehow different from immature, I think, maybe.

But, just a few moments ago, I suddenly did feel pretty old...after reading that showbiz hottie Lindsay Lohan's father, according to the AP, "was arrested Saturday following a fiery car crash and charged with driving while intoxicated, police said."

The story goes on to tell us that Michael Lohan, the person in question, is 44 years old.

I am four years older than the father of a showbiz hottie. OUCH!!!!


Bloggggging Fun

I constantly look at the info on who's actually reading this thing. Virtually none of my friends or relatives seem to. I suppose I should be hurt. Most folks, and there are a lot of 'em, seem to stumble on the blog while searching the Web for other stuff and this comes up in the search results because of some keyword or celeb name I've used. I guess I'll take visitors here any way I can get 'em.

I've thought about switching locations again. Blogger won't do an RSS feed for free, but other sites will. Blogger has also been running really slowly lately. But is there really anyone interested in reading my rants, syndicated and having them show up on an aggregator??

I've also thought about the newest trend, Podcasting. This would allow me to return to "broadcasting" my thoughts to an entire [mostly disinterested] world. It would be a fun project and a good way to get off on myself, but again, I doubt that enough people would care.

Still, all these new ways to express oneself are very cool.

Let me know what you think.


More On "Gannon" & Co.

The fun just never stops with these sinister pieces of excrement, as we learn from Justin Raimondo, Doug Griffin, Sidney Blumenthal, and one of my fave writers, Frank Rich. Pay special attention to what an absolute worm Wolf Blitzer has become. He must be so proud of his "work."


When the Response is...No Response

It couldn't just be me. It's gotta bother you, too.

This happens to me so often and it drives me crazy:

I ask someone a question
or give 'em a big, friendly,
sincere "Hi!" in passing.

And they ignore it.

It makes me crazy. Crazier than I already am.
What the hell are people thinking when they do this???

I was walking through one of my favourite parks this past summer, Niawanda Park in Tonawanda, an earthy, blue collar suburb of Buffalo that's seen much better days. All through my walk, people were smiling and saying hello to me. No way in heck could they have possibly remembered me from the year-and-a-half I lived there in '96-'97. They were just being friendly.

Here, in the midwest, in "America's Heartland," I walk by nine out of 10 people, say hello...and they ignore me.

And it's not like I'm wearing dirty clothes or a shirt that says "Kiss Me, I'm Jewish." Than I'd understand. I'm not that funny looking. They just ignore me. Amazing.

Sometimes, I'll email friends a question, and obviously, I ain't joking, but they just ignore it. Why???

I say this on job interviews and I think it always scores me major points: it's one of the worst things you can do to another human being; no, not him over the head with a shovel or pee on his shoes. It's ignoring him.

Hey, c'mon, don't do that!!


Friday, February 18, 2005

Darryn Steepens

In apparent answer to the question "Is there any woman on earth more stupid than Britney Spears?" we learn from published reports that Rush Limbaugh's divorce from his third wife Marta was recently finalized in a Key West, Florida courthouse.

54 year old Limbaugh has been dating CNN anchor Darryn Kagan, 42, since mid-'04 and she is reportedly hinting at marriage, telling friends "he's the one." One report said that she even brought him home to California to meet the folks. That must've been a real hoot.

If they actually do wed, I give it no more than three years and conclude that she is a fool.


Thursday, February 17, 2005


No, not that.

Lately, I've been wicked gettin' into the cream liquers.

I can't afford Bailey's Irish Cream, but have been going with the next best thing, Carolan's and just discovered Cask & Cream, domestic product from the Gallo empire that's actually even better. If y'haven't already, try 'em. They're very good. Probably too good. I try to have just one shot's worth and usually end up sucking down 8 ounces.

I've also been enjoying [and calming down with help from] old fave Southern Comfort and Wiser's Canadian Whisky. Tough to find and very inexpensive, nice, smooth. Love it.

I don't think I have a probem with this. "They" say one drink a day is good for you.

I'm probably going over that limit on some days, but hope it evens out. ???




"The Google phenomenon is a wonderfully modern manifestation of the triumph of hope and boosterism over reality. Hailed as the ultimate example of information retrieval, Google is, in fact, the device that gives you thousands of "hits" (which may or may not be relevant) in no very useful order."

"Those characteristics are ignored and excused by those who think that Google is the creation of 'God's mind,' because it gives the searcher its heaps of irrelevance in nanoseconds. Speed is of the essence to the Google boosters, just as it is to consumers of fast 'food,' but, as with fast food, rubbish is rubbish, no matter how speedily it is delivered."

Michael Gorman, president-elect of the
American Library Ass'n. and Dean of
Library Services, Madden Library,
California State University, Fresno
in the Backtalk column of the 2/15/05
issue of Library Journal.

Thanks, Michael!


Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Random Thoughts

•Hockey Puck You
The NHL cancelled what's left of the season today after failing to come to terms with players. AP says it's the first time a major pro sports league in North America lost an entire season to a labor dispute. I'm no expert, but I enjoy hockey. AHL, one level below the NHL is my fave. The AHL is playing a regular season. Occasionally, I catch an NHL game. Just like every other sport, players in "the show," the major leagues, strike me as just a bunch of spoiled, egomaniacal jerks. I blame the players entirely for this NHL thing. WIth an already limited appeal and fan base, hockey could be in big trouble. I hope all the players who caused this end up working at a Tim Hoton's donut shop somewhere in Canada. Shame on them.

•Yeah, Michael's Sick Alright
The Jackson jury selection was postponed the other day after Jackson was hospitalized for flu-like symptoms. Funny how regular folks don't get hospitalized for that. Conclusion: Jackson is full of shit and y'gotta wonder how many doctors - not just the plastic surgeons - are willing to play along.

Robert Blake was back in court Tuesday after an "emotional reaction Monday to the end to the prosecution's case. Blake collapsed in sobs as tapes were played of him talking about his love for the daughter he had with his slain wife, Bonny Lee Bakley. The distraught Blake had been rushed from the courtroom by four attorneys, his sobs resonating from the hallway outside. He later regained his composure and returned," according to news reports.
Is there anyone, anywhere who doesn't think this man is guilty?

•Axis of Trouble
This evening, AP is telling us that "Iran and Syria, who both are facing pressure from the United States, said Wednesday they will form a 'united front' to confront possible threats against them, state-run television reported." How much longer y'figure before W, President Cheney and war-lovin' Donny Rumsfeld send more of our nation's children to die in a new location?


Big Broadcasting Balls

Radio talk show host, journeyman kinda guy in the biz with apparently no special academic qualifications to justify it, says that if you don't want to ask a question during his show for free, he'll gladly answer it at other times...for 97 bucks!


Guckert, Guckert, Guckert

No, I'm not choking on a pretzel.

It's the name of that faux journalist who's been making news everywhere...except in the mainstream - so-called liberal? - media.

Joe Conason explains in today's New York Press.


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Uh, Gannon's His Name

Wasn't Joe Friday's partner on the later episodes of Dragnet named Gannon?

Well, this definitely ain't the same we learn in this fun article.

Is he really any more laughable than the rest of the malleable, cowed, disgraces to jornalism in the White House Press corps???


Loco News

'Wanna know why I stopped watching local newscasts several years ago??

Study looks at local political news: In the month leading up to last year's presidential election, local television stations in big cities devoted eight times as much air time to car crashes and other accidents than to campaigns for House, state Senate or other local offices.

One of the local news vans drove by me last week. It said it was from "Action News." Why must the news always have action? Why don't we see "Thinking News" or "Responsible News." How do people working at - and especially running - these operations look in the mirror or sleep at night? They should be ashamed of themselves and the ignorance they're promoting.