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Thursday, December 12, 2002


Ooooh, I love this!

From USA Today, 10 things McDonald's must do to get its house in order!!

As an aspiring vegetarian, McD's grosses me out, but even before I started obsessing about the meat thing, this company was annoying the daylights out of me for all the reasons in the article...and then some.

I recall special moments at the unit on 45 Bypass and Oil Well Road in Jackson, a store that was always understaffed and filthy. Once, a worker who appeared to be about 12 years old looked up from the grill at me and began to make faces at me, for absolutely no reason at all. A bit of contempt for the customers? Reason to not want him to touch my dinner?

For awhile, I'd only eat at McD's when I was on the road. Now, I won't even do that.
In September, driving back home from Lexington, KY, I stopped at a McD's and had some fries. An urge I couldn't control. My conclusion: eh, no big deal.

There's better dining out there.
McDonald's day has come and gone.
Good riddance for resting on their laurels.


Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Good TV

Oxymoron y'say?

There's actually a "new" show that's very good: Andy Richter Controls the Universe. It's clever, thoughtful, and laugh-out-loud funny. Not formulaic, not derivative.

Fox debuted it last season, then - for some unknown reason - yanked it. Now, it's back (for the moment) on Sundays at 9:30 ET. Take a look. Enjoy!


Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Gettin' Old, Gettin' Cool?

How much of an aging baby boomer am I???

I've just started meditating...and I'm trying to become a vegetarian.

Actually, I did TM for a while back in high school. It was very relaxing, but I soon gave it up. Busy with other crazy things at that age. The vegetarian thing is much tougher.

After reading Fast Food Nation, I was totally grossed-out. Another book I read runs through the gazillions of benefits of vegetarianism. It makes sense. But it ain't easy. A few weeks in, I'm doing pretty well. No interest in beef at all. The biggest problem seems to be chicken wings. They look so good and crunchy. Tough to resist, especially for a guy who lived in - and loves - Buffalo (stop laughing, it's a great city).

What's happening to me?
Trying to cling to youth? Experiment with new lifestyle choices? Add variety to my life?

I even bought mangoes...and broccoli the other day! Yow!

Stay tuned.