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Friday, March 05, 2004

Even Les

To many, CBS CEO Les Moonves just keeps on proving what a whore he is.

Again, and yet again, folks have to wonder how this guy can look in the mirror, where the conscience is.


Thursday, March 04, 2004


They tell me that about one hundred years ago, my late uncle Morris was Dick Clark's personal NYC cab driver. This was before the era of limos all over the place, I guess.

At that time, Clark was beloved by all America, moving from lowly Utica and Syracuse deejay to host of American Bandstand and "America's oldest teenager."

Now, as a big-time TV producer and entrepreneur - like so many in showbiz - he seems to be just another self-important, coddled, wealthy jerk.

I'll let humorist Patrick M. Rhody take it from here:

"A 76-year-old game show producer has sued Dick Clark, who is 74, saying Clark had called him a 'dinosaur' and refused to hire him because he was too old. 76 is an odd age -- you're too old to produce game shows, and too young to marry Anna Nicole Smith."

"A 76-year-old game show producer name Ralph Andrews has sued Dick Clark, who is 74, saying Clark wouldn't hire him because he was too old. It's too bad Clark didn't give him a job. Andrews had a great idea for a new show for people in their age group, Who Wants To Have A Bowel Movement?"