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Thursday, December 23, 2004

'Love Them Gadgets

I am deeply conflicted.

I'm single, I'm bored, I never have much fun. That's why I at least get some jollies from new technologies and gadgets.

I got my first computer in '94 or '95, a pretty "early adopter." I've had a Sirius radio - one of this year's big holiday gift items - since late '03. I got DirecTV in mid-1998 and a DVD player early last year. I bought a Palm Pilot in '01, used it for a few months and it's no in a box somewhere. My first cell phone, the size of a brick, was a 1998 purchase and I think I'm on my sixth right now, a tiny, not bad Kyocera.

But now, when it's cold outside and gettin' dark early, when I need it most, I can't think of a trendy gadget to buy myself.

Another hot item right now is an iPod. I should have one of those...except I don't do mp3's, don't even know how and don't want to learn. I'm just not so anxious to be wired for sound at every moment.

I absolutely love the idea of TiVo...but I never watch TV anymore. The DirecTV dish has been in the storage closet for over two years, I don't even have cable and haven't turned my 13" TV on at all - not even once - since the presidential debates in November. Would TiVo make TV and it's formulaic, demeaning, lowest common denominator crap more appealing to me?

I use dialup for Internet access and don't even spend much time online at home, since my work involves so much Internet. Why bother with DSL or cable access?

This has never happened before: I have no cool gadget to buy. What am I gonna do??