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Tuesday, May 04, 2004


See my 5/1 Sinclair entry, then enjoy these fun developments:

Fighting license renewal

Gathering to protest

Politics of denial

Decision burns some staffers

These people at Sinclair are assuming we are stupid and will forget about this incident and go back to being drones with our tongues hanging out, watching their commercials. We must prove them wrong.


Sunday, May 02, 2004

Dave the Brave

I always used to like Jay Leno. David Letterman struck me as very bright, but too much of a wise-ass.

I don't watch either show, but I do know that Leno has been whoring himself for the Republicans lately - even beyond his ridiculous ass-sucking of that unqualified, uneducated, disgrace of a governor in Cah-lee-for-neee-ah.

Letterman, on the other hand, seems to be showing lots of strength and smarts these days, as we learn from Nikki Finke at AlterNet.

Dave, thank you for having some guts.
Meanwhile, we add Leno to the long list of those we wonder about when it comes to looking in the mirror at nite and seeing anything but a greedy prostitute.