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Friday, June 25, 2004


Spam usually doesn't bother me that much.

I get a bunch of it every day, maybe 10 or so. I have all kinds of filters and other stuff workin' to try and deflect it to a Spam file and sometimes [fuitlessly?] take the time to report the spammer through Spamcop.

Like many, I see the amount of spam increasing, I wonder who the hell actually buys the shit advertised this way, and why the federal government - in the back-pocket of big business though they may be - can't find ways to fight this better.

Today, I got spam that bothered me.
Here, no joke, is the subject line:

G3t rld 0f @ll y0ur unwa|\|ted ju|\|k em@il t0day

Do these people have nerve? Do they have gigantic balls to send us something like that???

Spamcop tells me the ISP the sender used is a company that I'm tempted to name, but won't. WHOIS reveals the ISP to be in Tokyo. They may be unwitting victims, too.

Y'just have to wonder how all these people go home at night and look in the eyes of people they care about.


Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Excellent essay by Jack Beatty: Bush's Monica Moment.

Clinton's resurfacing will sell a lot of books. It will also remind us what a brilliant, articulate, caring, sensitive person he is. What an incredible command of the issues and the language he has.

It will make us realize that every family has problems, that sometimes people do stupid things, that several acts of oral sex cannot undo the work of a president who made our lives and our nation better.

It will make us [further] realize how incompetent, how inarticulate, how uninformed what we have in the Oval Office now is.

It should make us vote for Kerry.