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Saturday, December 13, 2003

Bust Bob!

Ooooh, this is good:

Please take a moment to visit and enjoy, sign the petition

and acknowledge what a traitorious, loathsome,
martini-sipping piece of selfish Republican shit
this guy is.


Friday, December 12, 2003

Listening Fun

Despite the impression we get from Rush, the monopolistic bastards at Clear Channel Radio, and other broadcasters of greed, selfishness and hatemongering, there are some good things worth listening to.

Check out the Liberal/Progressive Talk Radio Audio Archives at the White Rose Society.

(white roses, coincidentally,
have always been my fave)

Mike Malloy's work, linked off that page, is especially good.

For more listening fun, some musical satire from Blue Canyon Productions.


Thursday, December 11, 2003


...can go fuck himself. The guy is a disgrace to Judaism and any kind of thoughtful, caring humanity.

See the story below from the Melbourne Herald Sun.

Banned nations furious about contracts for Iraq
Phillip Coorey

AMERICA'S relations with Europe and Canada have plummeted to new lows over Washington's decision to exclude anti-war nations from bidding for $25 billion in Iraqi reconstruction contracts.

As condemnation and threats of retaliation poured in from France, Germany, Russia, the European Union and Canada yesterday, the US stood firm, saying if these countries wanted to participate in "coalition efforts" in Iraq, then bidding rules would be changed.
But the timing of the decision embarrassed US President George W. Bush who, despite approving the policy, was due to ring the leaders of the banned nations last night asking them to forgive debts owed by Iraq.

Officials and politicians in Washington were also upset at the egregious nature of the Pentagon ban, fearing it was unnecessary and would only alienate the US further at a time it needed help.

Australia, Britain, Japan, Italy and Spain are among 61 countries that supported the US-led war and are welcome to bid for the 26 US-funded contracts, which range from rebuilding Iraq's electricity, water and oil infrastructure to equipping its new army.

"These are countries that have been with us from day one," White House spokesman Scott McLellan said yesterday. "These are countries that are contributing forces, that have been making sacrifices and that's why this decision was made."

He said President Bush was "fully supportive" of the decision secretly detailed on Friday by Deputy Defence Secretary Paul Wolfowitz.

In a Pentagon directive, Mr Wolfowitz pointedly barred the nations that opposed the war from eligibility to bid, saying it was to protect "the essential security interests of the United States".

The move undermined diplomatic bridge-building between the US and Europe and comes as Washington is trying to get Iraq's debts forgiven and NATO to increase its role in Afghanistan and become involved with Iraq.

Canada has contributed $400 million to rebuild Iraq and has had troops in Afghanistan since the war on terror began.

The EU claimed the US ban contravened world trade rules while UN Secretary-general Kofi Annan called it divisive and unhelpful.


Fair Use Notice

No Surprise

Cheney has some more blood on his hands.

Look at the numbers in this article. Incredible. That's sport?


Tuesday, December 09, 2003

The Imbecile Jennings

Humourist Jacob Novak says...

"Peter Jennings begins hosting a special series on ABC News tonight called 'How to Get Fat Without Really Trying.' This is departure from the series he usually hosts, 'How to Look Like a Real Reporter Without Really Trying.'"


Monday, December 08, 2003


On Friday, columnist Molly Ivins endorsed Howard Dean.

Word this evening is that tomorrow, Al Gore will do the same.

Dean is far from perfect, but might be the strongest candidate, unafraid to open up a big mouth and fight back against the sinister, greedy, selfish bastards running the show now.



To Carla Hayden!!


Forthcoming Book Fun

Oooh, for your leisure reading pleasure: watch for these, coming soon!

Global Village Idiot


The Bush-Haters Handbook : An A-Z Guide of the Most Appalling Presidency of the Past 100 Years.