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Friday, October 03, 2003

Radio Monopolies

Excellent report just released by the Center for Public Integrity: Big Radio Rules in Small Markets
A few behemoths dominate medium-sized cities throughout the U.S.

Don't miss this link off the above:
Who Dominates Your Dial: Radio Concentration Rankings, to find out the monopolistic bastards' presence in your area.

Is it any wonder radio shits?


The Selfishness and Greed Just Keep on Comin'

James Boyne gives us 36 reasons to vote for Bush and Republicans in 2004.


"Republicans embrace new ethical guidelines"

A great essay by Rich Proctor. Enjoy!!


Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Why We Love Politics

"Things are getting ugly in the California recall election, with Arnold Schwarzenegger calling his race against Governor Gray Davis 'hand-to-hand' combat. Things have gotten so bad that, now, when Schwarzenegger speaks at campaign events, he's using lines from Jean-Claude Van Damme movies to insult Davis."
-Patrick M. Rhody


Dumbass of the Day

An excerpt from the Today Show, with a segment about the USA PATRIOT Act. Nadine Strossen from the ACLU vs. former U.S. Attorney General (and pornography commission chair) Ed Meese:

KATIE COURIC: What about the whole concept of--of the government having access to medical records, library records, and student records without any probable cause, and the government doesn't even have to inform the individual that these records were retrieved by--by federal officials. I know the American Library Association was very, very upset about giving access to library books, or anything that was done at a library. They issued this statement. "The American Library Association opposes any use of governmental power to suppress the free and open exchange of knowledge and information, or to intimidate individuals exercising free inquiry. ALA considers that sections of the USA Patriot Act are a present danger to the constitutional rights and privacy rights of library users." What's your response to that? And obviously the American Library Association has a huge issue with this.

Mr. MEESE (Mr. DUMBASS): Well, first of all, there's never--it's never even been used against--in the case of a library, as was indicated the other day by the attorney general. Furthermore, I think librarians, unfortunately, some of them at least, are more interested in allowing pornography to go to children than they are fighting terrorism.

ALA put out a press release in reaction later in the day.

Wanna tell Ed what you think about this statement? Write to the ignorant jackass at His mailing address is: The Heritage Foundation | 214 Massachusetts Ave NE | Washington DC 20002-4999. Call Eddie at 202.546.4400 | fax 202.546.8328."


Tuesday, September 30, 2003

The Most Selfish Among Us

Two of the saddest individuals I can think of: Colon Powell and Condoleeza Rice Crispies.

They deserve to have their names played with. Two selfish people who hitched their wagons to the greedy, selfish, racist, environment-savaging Republican party and - in effect - have looked back at the rest of their people (and all of us, really) and generously said "Screw you, it's every man for himself."

I don't know how Rice can even look in a mirror. Powell seems to have a tiny shred of decency left, but suppresses it because he appears to just love the cameras and attention....and, of course, he's a "good soldier."

His son is another story. He's Chairman of the FCC and he seems to take his marching orders only from the big money. Caring about people, the limited air waves, the marketplace of ideas: nah.

Read more.

Shame on him.


Yet One More Way..

...for the radio business to suck:
Fox News expands radio offering in bid to duplicate its TV success.