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Saturday, January 24, 2004

Democratic Funhouse

Okay, real quick...

*I knew Dean's star would be dropping soon, because I donated $10 to his campaign last week.

*His speech to the "troops" after the sad showing in Iowa was definitely odd. The kind of sounds that could make a baby cry. Is this the shocking, scary matter the [cowed, compliant, FCC ass-kissin' corporate, right-wing dominated] media has made it out to be? Nope.
Some people don't yell well. Not everyone can convey enthusiasm to a large audience the way rock stars do. Dr. Dean is one of those people.

Is he a bright man who is passionate about the issues and would make a good prez? Yes? As Iowa Senator Tom Harkin said the other day, the people of Vermont would not re-elect a crazy man five times.
Yelling problem notwithstanding, is he a much better, smarter, more articulate speaker than the Prez (or even the Prez's dog or his disgrace-for-a-librarian wife, "Pickles")? Yes.

Is his star falling? Yes.

*I'm still watchin' Wes Clark. Possibilities there.

*Kerry would probably be okay, too, as his momentum's growin' after the win in Iowa. The fact that he voted for the war in Iraq bothers me, as does his lack of charisma. Very dry guy. Even Dick Nixon knew "You campaign in poetry and govern in prose." I don't know how poetic Kerry can be.

*Nobody - possibly on earth - appears to be drier and more lacking in charisma than Joe Lieberman. He is a delusional embarrassment to me as a Democrat, a Jew, and an American. He should get the hell out of the race and concentrate on representing the people of Connecticut in the Senate, a job he is well-suited for.



Further proof that what was once "The Tiffany Network" has turned to shit:

Refusing ads that might might impede the greed and cozy relationship with the White House...and the jellyfish CEO, ready to do summersaults for the feds at the drop of a hat, apparently is also doing some acrobatics with one of his news anchors!

Nice, Les. Very nice.


Friday, January 23, 2004

It Won't End!

The AP is reporting this morning that
"Those who want to see Ben Affleck (news) and Jennifer Lopez (news) as man and wife will have to settle for the on-screen version."
"Lopez ended the engagement, a spokesman at Dan Klores Communications confirmed Thursday. Affleck's publicist, Ken Sunshine, said only, 'We never comment on the private lives of our clients.'"
"People and Us Weekly magazines first reported the breakup on their Web sites Thursday afternoon."

My thoughts:
1) Wasn't this resolved for us months ago?
2) Who gives a shit about these people?



Thursday, January 22, 2004

The *Real* State of the Union

President Shithead, by the numbers.