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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

The Gays

Okay, let's start with this: I'm not gay.

I'm a fairly sensitive, quiet guy who doesn't understand or wanna understand football. I've seen one college basketball game in-person and have no idea what the heck happened in it. I'm single, never married, 47 years old and don't date much. Many people assume I must be gay. I'm really not. I like women. I love women. I have no interest in kissing another man or having any involvement with a male buttocks.

But I like members of the gay community.
"GLBT," I guess, to include gay, lesbian, bi and transgender.
Many - most in fact - of the people I've met or know of seem to be good people. Sure, there are jerks among us all, but I'll stereotype 'em all in a good way.

If they choose physical, emotional, loving relationships with members of the same sex, it makes absolutely no difference to me and I really have no idea why it makes such a big difference to divisive hatemongers like Tom Delay, pResident Shithead and the day-to-day functioning of our society. Dick Cheney's daughter Mary supposedly has a lifestyle that would warrant comments on this, but - sadly - she's chosen to be silent on this, leading me to add her to the long list of people who I can't imagine can comfortably look into a mirror or sleep at night.

Fortunately, people like Michelangelo Signorile (see the entry below), and Michael Namath are speaking out. I couldn't agree with them more.

In fact, lately, I've become a big, big fan of Sirius OutQ.
Sirius is the excellent satellite radio service that offers us - all at once - the opportunity to hear a wide variety of music and other programming and at the very same time to tell over-the-air broadcasters like Clear Channel and CBS to go fuck themselves. As in the past, I encorage you to visit your local electronics store, buy a receiver and subscribe.

Sirius OutQ is their GLBT stream/channel and it's actually available online, for free. It is smart and funny and outrageous and a delight to listen to. Many of the listeners are straight. I especially enjoy Derek & Romaine in the late afternoon/early evening, Frank DeCaro after 'em and afternoons with the very same Michelangelo Signorile mentioned earlier. Follow the link above to listen. You'll see what I mean.


Crooked Fingers Pointing

Excellent article by Michelangelo Signorile: Who, exactly, is destroying America's values?