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Friday, April 02, 2004

Sternly Criticizing a Senator

This morning, I emailed the following message to one of "my" senators.

Senator Brownback:

I noted with great interest your March 30, 2004 letter to Mel Karmazin of Viacom regarding the work of Howard Stern.

I have listened to the Stern program on a number of occasions in my travels and concluded long ago that, at best, Stern is a clever satirist of talk shows and the foolish things we hold dear in our popular culture...and, at worst, a provincial jerk from Long Island.

What I also know is that Mr. Stern does not live in, broadcast from or to the State of Kansas or anywhere even close. That being the case, I am unclear as to why you and your staff are using valuable time on this matter when it would clearly be much better spent on matters that do touch Kansans.

Sadly, I also note that your letter to Karmazin was written on the exact same day the US military casualty count in Iraq reached 600. Many would argue that the sacrifice of so many lives and the river of tears that have resulted - many shed right here in Kansas - is the much greater obscenity than Stern's "bits" on the radio.


One more thought, added 4/5/04 AM--Why would a Senator from Kansas bother with this? My guess is
1) He and his staff listen to Stern often in DC and, on some level, enjoy the show.
2) They see opportunities to make some political hay from it, even though nobody in Kansas can actually hear the show. Uuuuugggghh!

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Oh Yeah, It's Clear

Could there be a more transparent effort by the monopolistic bastards at Clear Channel to offset criticism of their being in bed with the Republicans...

WSJ yesterday: Clear Channel hires Jesse Jackson as host for talk radio show.

The show will be buried on Sunday mornings, when most people aren't listening to the radio. Usually Clear Channel stations just sell this dead time to churches or snake-oil infomercials.

In other words: Clear Channel is once again bullshitting us.


Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Confessions of a Closet Carb Fiend

Dave Barry is a very funny guy. He's a Pulitzer Prize winning columnist. This past Sunday's column is a perfect example of why.

Very clever stuff.


TV: So Varied, So Unpredictable

Wonderful satirists at The Onion do a great send-up of the TV listings.

So true.


That's Journalism?

'Dateline NBC' pulls out stops for Trump: synergy over substance.

Nice to know CBS and Fox aren't the only whores.
(ABC's like a non-entity, not even worth talking about...)

Four words: turn off the TV.