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Thursday, June 10, 2004

How Low Can They Go?

We can now add desperate to shameful, gutless, greedy, devisive and hatemongers to describe these vile animals.

Republicans Upset Over
Bush Plan to Use Reagan
Images, Speeches in
Campaign Ads


Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Good Radio

No, it's not an oxymoron.

Yet another reason to subscribe to Sirius satellite radio (which I've been hooked-up to for over six months now and love): The Young Turks Show.

On stream 143, Sirius Left, it's a great, smart, fun talk show out of LA from 6-9pm ET. The show's also broadcast on a handful of regular broadcast stations, and they're frantically trying to add to that list.

Host Cenk Uygur, born in Turkey, raised in New Jersey, trained as a lawyer before embarking on a broadcasting career and abandoning his Republican leanings after seeing the light.

Host Ben Mankiewicz has strong journalistic credentials, a master's degree in journalism from Columbia University and is the son of Frank Mankiewicz, former press secretary for Robert F. Kennedy, campaign director for George McGovern and president of NPR. Ben's grandfather was the famous Hollywood screenwriter, Herman Mankiewicz, who wrote Citizen Kane.

Co-host Jill Pike, daughter of some kind of showbiz exec, adds a sweet, youthful charm and intellectual curiosity to the show.

It's what radio is supposed to be: like sitting around having a drink with with a bunch of really cool, fun, smart, interesting people. I love it!


Monday, June 07, 2004


Ronald Reagan was obviously a nice man. He had a very sincere smile. I pray for the strength and comfort of his family in this difficult time.

Ronald Reagan was a terrible president.

Attempts to deify him this week and in the weeks to come just further prove what a sad, celebrity-obsessed nation we've become. The TV biz will go wild over this, their only regret being that it didn't happen a month ago, when all the eyeballs the story attracts to the tube would have meant more during sweeps month.

Why was this nice man such a lousy president? Why are people who approved naming an airport after him, a highway in Cincinnati (yuk on both counts) and many other unwarranted tributes (some dumbasses have proposed adding his likeness to Mount Freakin' Rushmore and the $10 bill) making fools of themselves??? See the items below, which I might update in the coming days as more fun stuff is published.

Joe Strupp: Ronald Reagan: Still the Teflon President? (Excellent!)

Juan Cole: Ronald Reagan, de-mythologized (Excellent!)

Tony Horwitz: Let's bury Reaganomics with its founder (Very good)

Danny Schechter: Making the myth, forgetting the man

Geov Parrish: The Great Prevaricator

Columbia Encyclopedia entry: Iran-contra affair

The Handshake

David Corn: 66 (Unflattering) Things About Ronald Reagan

Randolph T. Holhut: Ronald Reagan's squalid legacy

Robert Parry: Rating Reagan: A bogus legacy

Peter Preston: Ronald Reagan: Towering he wasn't

Greg Palast: Killer, coward, con-man: Good riddance, Gipper