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Saturday, November 02, 2002

Yeeeeeelection Day

Two words: Vote Democratic.

Even in these mushy, centrist, heavily B.S.-laden times, there's still a big difference.


Tuesday, October 29, 2002

That's Entertainment?

Recent issues of USA Today reported these exciting stories about show people:

*Justin Timberlake's new solo CD is due out soon. The 'N Sync superstar, former Mouseketeer, former boyfriend of Britney Spears, and native of Cordova, TN (suburban Memphis, 75 miles south of where I lived 'til last February), is trying to rid himself of the teen idol image and prove he is a real, viable talent.

*The Fox News network's Hannity and Colmes recently beat CNN's Larry King Live in the 9pm ET ratings race.

*Christina Aguilera's new CD is out. The former Mouseketeer [who apparently puts on makeup with a trowel] is trying to rid herself of the teen idol image and prove she is a real, viable talent.

Let me ask these two important questions re. the above:

1) Are these possibly the four most annoying people walking the earth, or what?

2) Does anyone really give a shit about them?


Sunday, October 27, 2002

Oooh, That Smell

Sometimes, my apartment doesn't smell so good.

I assure you, it's through no fault of my own. I practice pretty good hygiene and keep the place messy but clean. Even have a professional, over-priced cleaning service come in and clean the place now-and-then.

Soon after I got here in February of 2002, I'd notice a funny, annoying smell every morning. There were points when I even thought it was making me tired, dizzy, sick, or something. It might have.
I couldn't figure out what the hell it was: cheap paint resin, something coming from the radiators, refrigerator motor, or maybe mold, the trendy, evil malady in many homes these days.

I scrubbed the walls and ceiling down, I bought all kinds of air no avail.

Then, I lucked-out.
I wanted to try the trendy (trendy is very important) scented candle thing, but had read that they can cause respiratory and other problems. I didn't wanna chance it. Then, one day I read about soy candles. Instead of using paraffin (which is made of wood and other yucky stuff), many candle makers were using natural, wonderful - and again, trendy - soy.

After extensive pointing and clicking and researching on the Internet, I lucked out. Snowtop Candles in Ft. Loramie, Ohio makes a wonderful, fairly inexpensive product that smells great, burns clean, and gets rid of the smell in my apartment! They make many scents; I've only tried a few. Buttery vanilla and honeydew melon are great.

Follow the link above to learn more. I get no referral fee. Just recommending a great product. Service is very friendly and y'can order online or the old fashioned ways.

If I ever get a date, women might be very impressed by this new, cool smell thing in my apartment.
Or would it be more manly to have the place smell like sweat socks?