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Saturday, March 27, 2004

The Right Target?

Excellent editorial in The Washington Jewish Week sums up my feelings on this past week's scary developments in the Middle East.

At what point will the principals realize the ongoing, childish, retributive killing gets them absolutely nowhere?


Wicked Exciting Nose

Yes, I'm a man who - uh - "nose" his stuff. This is usually because I read many articles. I have a "nose for news."

Not the sexiest topic but, I recently learned about the interesting practice of nasal lavage. It really works. (Alternate article link here).

Now, when people tell me to blow it out my nose, I can say "Hey, I already do!"
When they make similar requests involving another part of my body, I have to go read other articles.


Wednesday, March 24, 2004


Sometimes, I just sit around trying to come up with a bright idea to make some easy, big money. A great invention, product or service to sell...something, anything. For some people, it seems to be so easy.

Here's a perfect example.

Why oh why didn't I think of it???


Two Words

Good riddance.


Monday, March 22, 2004

Mel'$ Big Flick

Okay, I was a little off in my predictions about the success of Mel Gib$son'$ The Passion of the Christ. I thought it would have just one big weekend and fizzle out. $300ish million and three weeks later, it seems to have started the fizzlation.

As far as the movie's content goes, my hunches did seem correct. See an excellent column by Katha Pollitt, The Protocols of Mel Gibson, from the 3/29 issue of The Nation.



I've been saying it for years. Nice to know others agree: the news business has turned to shit.

See a new report, The State of the News Media 2004, from The Project for Excellence in Journalism. It's pretty lengthy; here's the executive summary.

Also, his partner from the Watergate scandal days, Bob Woodward, has sold out and seems to have his head up the pResident's ass, but - thank goodness - Carl Bernstein recognizes the realities of a scary White House and our idiot culture.