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Monday, December 27, 2004

Veg: Out

I didn't even realize it, but it was like exactly two years, to the day.

A few weeks ago, after two years, I began eating meat again...

...and it tasted good.

I hesitate and still do. I don't trust the meat producers or poultry producers or probably any industry regulated by this federal government so in bed with the private sector, and remembering what I read in the book Fast Food Nation makes it even creepier. But the beef with broccoli I had the other day was so yummy.

I'm still trying to be good. I ate much more broccoli than beef. I won't touch ground beef unless it's ground right in front of me and poultry still strikes me as an even dirtier menu item. I was always on the fence about fish, but tried to stay away from it.

Maybe the answer is just moderation.

I was never militant about the vegetarianism. I'll still try try to do the veg thing as much as possible, but I think the incredible lure of meat has won out. Darn.