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Friday, May 21, 2004

Republicans Calling...

...from India.


News Whores - Two

FAIR, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (what a concept!) reveals...
Campaign Double Standards: Kerry ''Missteps'' Get Lavish Media Attention, While Bush Falsehoods Ignored.


News Whores - One

Matthew Rothschild: What do you make of the way the press treated you?

Howard Dean: I think the press in general is a failed institution in this country. For two reasons. This has nothing to do with the race. I'm not sure it would have made any difference. But the biggest problem with the media is first that 90 percent of Americans get their news from eleven corporations so that the loyalty in the editorial staff and higher up is principally to the shareholders rather than to the public. And the second problem is that entertainment has supplanted news value.

From The Lessons of Howard Dean.


Thursday, May 20, 2004

G.O.P. Stands for...

Grand Old Petroleum.

Does it bother the 42% of Americans who still foolishly support Bush and Cheney that both of them have such deep oil indu$try ties?

How much greed do y'have to hit the most stupid among us over the head with before they realize what's going on here???


Lost and Found!

Buddy Hickerson is a clever guy. His daily comic, The Quigmans, showed up maybe ten years ago on the comics page in the Syracuse Post-Standard and I immediately became a big fan.

Few papers around the country seem to carry it these days, but it's still around. I lost track of it for several years and was delighted to find it online a few months ago. Now I get it emailed to me every morning.

A daily comic sucks up a lot of creativity. Some of his work is no big deal, but there is the occasional winner, as we see with today's.


Selling Us Shit By Calling It Roses - Part Five

Fox to Debut New Series Across Calendar.


Selling Us Shit By Calling It Roses - Part Four

CBS Unveils 5 Series With Familiar Stars.


Selling Us Shit By Calling It Roses - Parts Two and Three

ABC, WB Try for Comeback After Bad Years .


Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Sweeps period shows FCC’s hypocrisy

Great article by Michael Ventre.


Selling Us Shit By Calling It Roses - Part One

NBC plans to add five new series for fall.

Also, Heather Locklear doesn't seem to be aging well, at least from the neck up. I'm guessing there's been lots of Botox.


Monday, May 17, 2004

Where Dick Shops???

Paul Waldman: Cheney sings Wal-Mart's praises.

Does this just cry out greed and selfishness?

To the same people Cheney and Wal-Mart take delight in screwing every day, who will still go out and vote Republican, I say: you are fools. What has to happen for you to realize that these bastards don't give a shit about you?