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Saturday, March 29, 2003

It Hurts to Watch TV

Well, here's a real shocker, released yesterday from the folks at the Pew Research Center for People and the Press...

TV Combat Fatigue on the Rise

Wall-to-wall media reports on the war in Iraq have not resulted in significant improvement in the public's view of the media's coverage of this war compared with the first Persian Gulf conflict. However, there are signs that 24-7 televised images of war are taking an increasing psychological toll. In recent days, more than four-in-ten (42%) expressed the view that "It tires me out to watch" TV coverage of the war, up from about one-in-three who agreed with that statement in the early days of the conflict... [Read more].

And, of course, further proof of what whores the electronic media continue to be keeps on comin' from FAIR, Fairness & Accuracy in reporting: Pro-Troops/Pro-War, NBC asks no questions.


Friday, March 28, 2003

Radio Find

Something on the radio that's fun and intelligent and entertaining? Great music, smart, thoughtful conversation; a joy to listen to.

Obviously, it ain't comin' from this country, where radio is programmed by and for morons.

Where it does come from is BBC Radio 2.
Listen. Learn. Enjoy.


Thursday, March 27, 2003

Save America's Libraries!

Many of our nation's libraries are in deep, serious poop. The recession has hit governmantal budgets hard. Library funding is being slashed and there are members of the public, legislators, and even library administrators who aren't getting as angry about this as they should.

Some people think libraries aren't necessary anymore.
Some librarians are too nice to speak up and get mad.
Some library administrators and board members think it is undignified to speak out when ignorant legislators are choking them.

They are wrong.
Painfully, shamefully, maddeningly wrong.

The American Library Association, not known for any great dynamism either, is beginning to address this with its Campaign to Save America's Libraries.

Read about and think about it. Contact your legislators (usually state legislators). Ask why they are hurting our libraries, and in so doing, hurting our communities, society, and children. Tell them you find this unacceptable.


Sunday, March 23, 2003

I'm in Love, I'm in Love

...and this time it's the real thing

even though she doesn't know I exist.

She's Renée Zellweger, the actress, and she is gorgeous!!

I may have been the last person in the country to see her in a movie, when - a few weeks back - I saw Nurse Betty on DVD. Then I had to catch-up and see Jerry Maguire, which she was great in. And last nite, I saw her in Bridget Jones's Diary.

She is so sweet and so pretty. Such an expressive face. She and I even have the same religion, so parents would approve (well, mine would. Her parents would probably be pretty disgusted).

Wow! What a woman.


Wartime Q & A

Q: Mr. Nice Guy, you were against a war with Iraq. Now that it is underway, how do you feel about it?

A: I wish we hadn't done it, as much as I despise Saddam Hussein, a madman (raised literally by a Nazi) who has killed and tortured many people (including his own) and supported terrorism.
I think protests should continue, but realize the war is on and it's not going to stop because people are protesting. As much as I loath the president, I support the men and women fighting and pray for their safety. Many in the military got there for lack of a better job or a way to pay for an education. Many are victims of discrimination and harassment in a military culture that is sad and disgraceful in ignoring it. Sending such people into harm's way is the ultimate insult to them.

Q: What about the President of the US?

A: You're probably talking about George W. Bush, even though many believe the real president is his advisor, Karl Rove, with Dick Cheney close behind.
Bush is callow, illiterate and was not elected by the people of this nation, as described by Mark Crispin Miller in his book, The Bush Dyslexicon. While he isn't smirking quite as much lately, Bush is probably still hoping to get his real dream job someday: commissioner of baseball. He is a rich guy who has succeeded as others dragged him along on their coattails, kissing his ass for the family name. He has no idea what real people and real America are all about.

Q: But he makes good speeches.

A: He isn't smart enough to string three words together. Michael Gerson writes those speeches while the president exercises or watches TV.

Q: What about his wife? She's even a librarian, just like you.

A: She is a woman from Texas who wanted to marry well. Librarians care about their neighbors and all humankind and want to make the world a better place with information. The Bush administration has been the least forthcoming with information of any in our nation's history.
Laura Bush is a disgrace to librarianship.

Q: Much of the world is against the war. Does this have something to do with Bush, personally?

A: The world recognizes him for the idiot he is. Most Americans follow blindly, because he stole the office and title. The media just plain refuses to cover him accurately and critically. People don't seem to understand respect must be earned.
If Bill Clinton called for a war, the world would have been much more supportive. Clinton was a brilliant, thoughtful, caring man, in touch with America and its people. He was flawed and horny, but brilliant.

Q: Is the war really about oil?

A: I doubt it. I think it's about a weak, stupid president and the evil, greed-ridden people pulling his strings trying to rally the people and take their minds off a bad economy and his ineptitude. A war mentality could get him reelected easily so they can continue to give tax and other breaks to the rich and big business, further despoiling the environment and hurting most people, who really work for a living. If this war wraps up too soon, I think he'll start looking at other places to kick some foreign ass. So much for the isolationist we saw during the campaign.

Q: Is there any good that has come of this, so far?

A: Yes, Academy Award organizers have cancelled the Red Carpet portion of tonite's festivities, relieving us of the pain of seeing a clueless, annoying Joan Rivers prove that her time has long come and gone.

Q: What about war coverage? Where's the best place to get it?

A: Read a newspaper.
See online coverage from the Associated Press.
Read and listen to intelligent coverage from the BBC in London.

Q: What about the broadcasters here?

A: They suck. The wall-to-wall coverage is unnecessary. They are trying to make it like sports coverage, while people are dying. You listen, turn off the radio or TV, turn it back on five hours later and they're still doing the same stories.

Q: Who is the worst?

A: Peter Jennings. He is as stupid as the president.
Jennings dropped out of high school in Canada 100 years ago because he looked like James Bond and figured that would get him a position in high journalism. After working TV jobs in Kingston and Ottawa, ON (including hosting a dance party show), the people at ABC fell for his good looks and no mind and hired him at age 25. He never finished high school and, if you listen carefully, you'll see how dumb he really is.
Read a newspaper.

Q: What's the best thing to do about all this?

A: Pray for peace. "Seek peace and pursue it."