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Saturday, September 28, 2002

Let's Begin

Long ago and far away (late 1980's, Oswego, New York), I did a weekly program on a small local radio station. Every Sunday evening on "The Mr. Nice Guy Show," I'd play a whole bunch of pop music and occasionally chime-in with my thoughts on pop-culture and other thought-provoking stuff.

It was truly the perfect setting: a pre-fab building down a dirt road, where the toilet and running water rarely worked. Surrounded by nothing but woods (okay, and State Route 481 on one side), nature's wondrous creatures and their poop, I was able to ponder life and convey my thoughts to the 10 or 15 people listening, as I earned the princely sum of whatever minimum wage was at the time.

Now, the radio business - I'll use the technical radio jargon here - shits and I have no interest in going back. These days, there's a new way for me to speak out on important [and goofy] matters: the Web!!!

Please join me for this latest ego trip as we examine our world.

Oooooh, we're gonna have fun.