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Monday, June 23, 2003

A Moving Experience

After a couple of months at a new location, The Mr. Nice Guy Show is temporarily back here. The computer I think I need to get to that site is locked up in storage, because

I've moved again.

I move a lot. Too much. W-a-y too much.
I count five moves since May '96 and 12 in the last 25 years.

I don't wanna keep moving, but, professionally, I think I have to. Hopefully, hopefully, this will be the place where I can settle. I just wanna be reasonably happy..and my standards are pretty modest.

I have packed so many boxes in the past four weeks. Lots of other boxes remained packed from my last move in February of '02. I dunno why, but the packing is torture. I thought maybe I was being too methodical, too much of a librarian, in packing. "This time, I'm just gonna throw the shit in boxes and not worry about how it's all arranged."

Of course, it didn't matter. It was still long and tedious and no matter how close I thought I was to being done, there were still hours and hours of work ahead.

Well, I did it, I guess.
Now, I'm house, eventually, I'll have to move stuff from storage to the new place. Hopefully, that won't be too bad (ha, ha, ha).

I keep telling myself that people move around much more these days than in years past. It's almost a professional requirement: proving how good you are by the many stops you've made, bases you've touched in a career. The same story not long ago would have someone labeled a bum. Staying in one place and retiring with a gold watch was the seemed.

In a way, the move is exciting, an adventure, a new city with new stuff and new people to get to know.

Wish me luck.


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