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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Add This to the List

Of reasons why our nation is turning to shit.

Few people will read a newspaper or try to learn about the issues affecting them and their neighbors, but they'll be all aflutter when the AP reports -as it did in this fun story yesterday, with my comments embedded in italics - that...

Second 'Apprentice' Cast Hired

Fri Aug 27, 3:05 PM ET
By DERRIK J. LANG, Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK - On your mark. Get set. You're fired! NBC has revealed the contestants on the second season of "The Apprentice." The lineup, without last names, was released in a statement Friday and on the first-season DVD bonus materials.

If you buy this DVD, even for $9.95, you are a fool. Give the money to charity. Do some good. Don't support ignorance. That already gets enough money

"If we had A-type people in season one, we have triple A-type people in season two," said executive producer Mark Burnett on the DVD.

Burnett is also the creator of the hit show Survivor and obviously an expert at finding people willing to humiliate themselves for a shot at the kind of wealth he's amassed by capitalizing on our nation's ignorance.

They are divided into two teams, with contestants vying "for the dream job of a lifetime with The Trump Organization and a hefty six-figure salary." One contestant is "fired" each week by Trump in a tense boardroom showdown.

Trump's recent bankruptcy filing doesn't seem to matter to anyone, including the story's author, Mr. Lang, who doesn't mention it and probably should. Maybe he's hoping for an assignment in the White House press corps and wants to prove to his editors that he's malleable and cowed enough for the job.

The female contestants are:

The female contestants who will be exploited are:

Pamela, 32, an investment firm partner who says the competitors will "eat each other"; Jennifer C., 31, a real-estate agent who's also an equestrian; Stacie, 35, a model who owns a Subway franchise in Harlem; Jennifer M., 29, a lawyer; Sandy, 28, and Elizabeth, 31, business owners who describe themselves as innovative; Maria, 31, a short-haired marketing executive who's critical of the women on the first season; Stacy, 26, a lawyer; and Ivana, 28, a venture capitalist who says working with Trump would be the highlight of her career.

The male contestants are:

The male contestants who will receive their 15 minutes [or less] of fame/shame are:

Raj, 28, a bow-tie wearing real estate developer who doesn't really watch television; Bradford, 32, a shaved-headed and slightly goofy lawyer; Chris, 30, a stockbroker who thinks sex sells; Andy, 23, a recent Harvard grad who describes himself as a "swarthy gentleman"; John, 24, a marketing director who says good-looking people are smarter; Wes, 27, a wealth manager who believes season two's women won't use femininity to their advantage; Kevin, 29, a law student who says Trump is "the best"; Rob, 32, a Texas branding salesman; and Kelly, 37, a software executive who describes himself as a leader.

During taping of the show this summer, the 18 contestants lived in a specially designed suite in Trump Tower with amenities such as a three-hole putting green, a basketball hoop, a $100,000 kitchen and a couch from Trump's own apartment.

Ooooooh, how exciting! And it happened right before the government announced that the nation’s official poverty rate rose from 12.1 percent in 2002 to 12.5 percent in 2003 and the number of people without health insurance increased by 1.4 million to 45.0 million

That's entertainment?


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Friday, August 27, 2004

The Real Issue..

He's incompetent.

Nice, concise, from Richard Reeves.