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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Bye Joe

Ooooh, it's another primary nite.
Kerry seems to have won a bunch, Edwards one.

And, in the best news of the nite, AP is reporting:

Sen. Joe Lieberman, unable to inspire Democratic voters who embraced his 2000 vice presidential campaign, ended his presidential bid Tuesday night after a string of disappointing defeats. He pronounced himself proud, nonetheless, of the campaign he waged.

"The judgment of the voters is now clear," Lieberman told supporters gathered at a hotel in northern Virginia. " For me, it is now time to make a difficult but realistic decision. I have decided tonight to end my quest for the presidency of the United States of America. Am I disappointed? Naturally. But am I proud of what we stood for in this campaign? You bet I am."

I'm not proud of you, Joe. I think you've made a fool of yourself and all Democrats. I don't know how millions of us could look at you and see "he ain't a president," yet you couldn't.

You've embarrassed us and yourself.
Go home to Connecticut and be "Republican lite" for your constituents.


Water, Water

It's a trendy thing I just hadn't been able to get into. Practically everywhere I looked, I'd see it: cool people with a bottle of water close-by.

I want to be cool, too...but I just couldn't get into the water thing. It tasted like - uh - water.

I tried all the brands and none did anything for me, until...


"Naturally sparkling mineral water" I saw people grabbing off the shelves at health food stores. It is really good!

From Germany, in "the heart of the Eifel-the wooded highland between Rhine, Moselle and Luxemburg."

Best part: it's only about $1.49 a liter.
Give it a try.


Tit for Tat

I think I can do this one real fast.

Why should anyone be surprised at the Super Bowl revelation of Janet Jackson's left breast?

TV has been handing us shit on a silver platter for years now, why are we so shocked that it has finally come to this? Really that big a deal?

It's just one more reason to turn the damn thing off and go read a book.

Two more thoughts:
*Janet Jackson hails from s-u-c-h a good, sensible family. This comes as quite a surprise.

*CBS CE-hO, Les Moonves, rolled over for the White House twice in the past few months, pulling the Reagan bio-pic and the ad refusal. Ha, ha to you, Lester: you don't have such ironclad control over your kingdom, after all.

Turn off the freaking TV.