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Thursday, January 16, 2003


They might be the greatest products in the history of food:

Boca products.

Try them, you'll see what I mean.


Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Joe Lieberman

He wants to be prez. Made the big announcement on 1/13.

Is there anyone who believes this could possibly happen?

He's a good, honest, bright, committed guy. He'd probably make a fine president. He would've made a superb vice president. The only problem is that he comes off as being one of the dullest people walking the earth. Even more so than Al Gore...and even more so than me!

A president must have some charisma.
I don't see much of that in Joe.

Maybe he could star in a Fox reality show: "Joe President!"


Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Attention K-Mart Execs

Wow, K-Mart announced today that it will close 326 stores, putting 37,000 people out of work.

That, on top of last year's post-bankruptcy filing, when they shut down 283 stores, sending 22,000 people packing.

K-Mart's fallen on hard times. They've had all kinds of geniuses in the executive suite trying to restore the company to its glory days. I dunno, I'm certainly no business whiz, but I wonder if any of these corporate types ever actually walked into a K-Mart. I'm guessing no. If they had, they probably would have quickly reached the same conclusion many Americans did long ago: the stores look like shit and it's disgusting to shop there.

I've visited K-Marts in many, many cities and they all look exactly the same: disgusting. And I mean to the point where you want to burn your clothes after you walk out the door. Funny how y'don't get that feeling at K-Mart competitors like Target and Wal-Mart (certainly no great prizes either).

K-Mart shares closed today at 17 cents.
Amazing how clueless the folks who run the company seem to be.