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Saturday, April 05, 2003


On February 7th of this year, I had my first ever massage.

I always wanted to do it; heard it felt good.
Once, like 10 years ago when I lived in Syracuse, I called around and checked prices, but never did it. I'm kicking myself. I should have.

Note today's date: April 5th.
In less than two months, I've had three more massages.

The reason: because it feels great!!!

Just a regular relaxation massage. $60 for an hour.
I walk in there all stressed and mad at the world and worried about wars and careers and women......and I walk out feeling calm and loose and wonderful.

People think I'm joking or being frivolous, but I'm not. Trust me on this: if you've never had one, get a massage. Learn more here.


10:39:23 PM

Da Ooh Ron Ron

My high school has been around for over 30 years, but has really only produced two famous people.

One is George Tenet, the current CIA director.
The other is Ron Jeremy, the porn star.

No joke on both counts.
In fact, Ron Jeremy Hyatt is probably the most famous, recognizable, durable talent in the adult film industry. He's been in the biz since the 70s. He is - of sorts - a legend.

And, as such, he is the subject of a fascinating documentary just released on video, Pornstar: The Legend of Ron Jeremy. Serious, legit flick that got good reviews and is on the shelves (okay, the lower shelves) at Blockbuster.

I didn't know him. He was three years ahead of me in school, but was actually friends with two of my cousins. He has a master's degree and taught special ed. A very average [or worse] looking, short, and now pudgy guy. His is an interesting story about fame and our culture.

I'll forego the obvious jokes about how he's been with thousands of women and is - uh - "well qualified" for work in adult films...while I rarely even have a date.

I recommend the movie.


8:35:57 PM

Schorrt Sighted

I've been a fan of Danial Schorr's work for a long time.

He's the senior news analyst on NPR, National Public Radio, the disappointing bunch of pompous, arrogant, self-important radio jerks I've dealt with in previous rants.
But Schorr was different. An earthy guy from the streets of New York City, now 86 years old and sharp as a tack, a flaming liberal who is really the last living member of the Edward R. Murrow gang of broadcast journalism pioneers. I remember watching him on the CBS TV newscast when I was a kid. His recent autobiography, Staying Tuned, was very good.

That's why I was so disappointed this morning when I heard him in his regular Saturday morning segment on Weekend Edition Saturday. I rarely listen to NPR anymore, but was driving in to work and figured I'd see what Schorr had to say. Host Scott Serious Sensitive Simon, a cartoonesque goof, had just finished saying the war's death toll so far was 67 Americans and 27 Brits. He then asked for Schorr's analysis of how the war's going...

and Schorr began to sing the praises
of how incredibly well it's progressing!

I know it's war...but 94 dead young people (not to mention all the innocents on the other side...and people who are otherwise injured or scarred physically and emotionally) doesn't equal good to me.

Schorr covered WWII and the Cold War and Vietnam and might enjoy a good war.
Some of us can't.


8:22:27 PM

Monday, March 31, 2003

Quotable Quote

Kudos to columnist Michael Farber of Sports Illustrated, who, on CRFB Toronto this morning, described TV coverage of the war as

"The Iraqi Horror Picture Show"